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Tarot Deck: "The Fairy's Journey" Handcrafted Uniquely Designed Tarot Deck

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Do love Fairies and Tarot cards?

The Fairy's Journey Tarot Deck is created using the Rider-Waite 78 card system. While created using the Rider-Waite system, this deck has a way of sparking your intuition through vibrantly detailed pictures making it easier for you to have your own interpretations.

Cups are referred to as Water, Wands are Fire, Swords are Air and Pentacles are Earth. All of the Minor Arcana are created in settings that coordinate with their seasons which will help with readings focusing on timing. Water-spring, Fire-summer, Pentacles-winter, Air-autumn.

I have also included astrological signs to corresponding cards making it easier to get a clear astrological interpretation.

Please click on the video and join me on The Fairy's Journey. (The cards print darker than how they appear in the video)

78 card deck

1 keyword booklet

Fairy tuck box

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. These cards are printed as ordered. Always sending loving energy your way, Allisyn Nichols