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Butterfly Kisses - Fragrant Floral Scented 8 oz Jar Soy Candle

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Butterfly Kisses is a layered 8 oz jar candle. Layered colors and scents blending together creating a sweet fragrant aroma.  Lilac and Lavender kiss the notes of soft mint and tropical blossoms. Multi-wicked with our new cotton wicks wrapped in wooden tube wicks. An amazing blend of scents and colors with the crackle of a wood wick and the easy light of a cotton wick. Highly Fragrant!

  • Top Layer - Colbolt Blue - Lilac blended with sweet tropical notes
  • Bottom Layer - Deep Lavender - Lavender, lilac, soft mint
  • Unique multi-wick cotton/wood combo
  • All soy wax
  • 8oz jar 3.5"x3.5"