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Smitten - Passion Fruit Scented Soy 8 oz Jar Candle

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Smitten is a layered 8 oz jar candle. Layered colors and scents blending together creating the aroma of sweet new love. Creamy coconut and vanilla fall in love with sweet passion fruit and sugary bubble gum.   Multi-wicked with our new hybrid cotton/wood wicks. An amazing blend of scents and colors with the crackle of a wood wick and the easy light of a cotton wick. Highly Fragrant!
  • Top Layer - Soft Pink soy wax - Vanilla, Coconut
  • Bottom Layer - Bubble Gum Pink soy wax - Passion Fruit, Bubble Gum
  • Unique multi-wick cotton/wood combo
  • All soy wax
  • 8oz jar 3.5"x3.5"

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