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Why I Use an All-Natural Soy Wax

Posted by Allisyn Bohley on

I love to burn candles and usually have one burning whenever I'm home. I used to buy candles because of course the scent but also the price since I burn so many. When I decided to take my passion for candles from love to business, I started researching waxes and was shocked and amazed at what I found. My research brought up words like toluene and benzene which are toxic fumes that paraffin waxes give off. It was clear to me that I did not want to create something for someone's home and family that was ultimately toxic. 

Eco-Friendly candles are actually an air purifier allowing you to breathe healthier in your home. Unlike petroleum-based waxes, soy wax burns with zero Petro soot. Similar to a salt lamp, soy wax candles release negative ions in the air and have been known to reduce allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

I absolutely noticed a difference in my home's air when I started creating and testing my all soy wax candles. I handed out many test candles while I was learning how to perfect my candle and everyone that I gave a test candle to mentioned at some point that they thought the air felt cleaner in their home after they had burned it.

There is no doubt that paraffin wax holds a much stronger scent and is way less expensive to use than all-natural waxes. I use a soy wax that has a higher scent load in order to give you a nice robust fragrance. Because I believe that burning a healthy candle shouldn't have to be expensive, I have worked hard to get my supplies from the best candle supply stores at the best prices possible so that I can pass those savings onto my customers. 


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